Frequently asked questions

How do I pay you?

We invoice our customers monthly by email, so towards the end of each month keep an eye out for your invoice! We appreciate payment by bank transfer by the last working day of the month, but also accept cash or cheque if necessary.

What if I need to cancel a walk?

We appreciate sometimes plans can change, and so any cancellations made with 48 hours’ notice or more will not be charged. We reserve the right to charge for cancellations within 48 hours, at a rate of 75% if within 48 hours and 100% if within 24 hours. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any changes.

What if I need an extra walk?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and being able to meet the needs of all our customers and their busy lives. If you need anything extra please just get in touch so we can check availability and hopefully help out!

What if I go on holiday?

We appreciate everyone needs a break sometimes, so provided you give us the required notice of any cancellations we have no problem at all with you taking a holiday and do not charge a retainer fee to hold your dog’s place on his or her walk.

What if YOU go on holiday?

As we are a team of dog walkers, we have the resources and measures in place to be able to cover staff holidays and other absences. Claire usually covers staff holidays but sometimes we need to reshuffle walks between the whole team to ensure all the dogs who need a walk will receive one. We can guarantee your dog will get a walk when needed!

Do you work weekends and bank holidays?

We don’t routinely work weekends but we are usually able to accommodate ad hoc walks or visits required by our customers on a weekend, so please get in touch to check availability. Please note only solo walks are available on a weekend (see Prices).

We usually have at least one team member working on a bank holiday and will check with you in the weeks leading up to it whether you will need our services. We do not charge extra for walks on bank holidays.