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We've been going the extra mile for our customers since 2014, let us explain how:

Pet Sitter Plus

Since January 2014, BPP has been utilising the best software on the market.

Pet Sitter Plus enables us to securely store all the data we need relating to you and your dog, in a safe way that can be accessed by authorised members of the team when they are walking your dog.

We also use the software to log the GPS location of our walkers when they are collecting and dropping off your dog, so you can be certain that our trustworthy team are doing exactly what you are paying them to.

psp example.jpg.png
psp map example.jpg

There is also an option to access a customer portal to manage bookings, so you are completely in control!

If that's not enough, Pet Sitter Plus allows us to be incredibly efficient with our invoicing and accounting system. Each month we send out professional itemised invoices to our customers.

Tractive GPS tracking devices

Whilst we do not let dogs who don't have reliable recall training off the lead, occasionally even really well trained dogs can have a mad moment and decide to run off. This can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety , and is the reason why we have invested in a number of 'Tractive' GPS trackers which we can attach to your dog's collar (usually if you are concerned they may run off or if they have a history of bolting on walks). We can use these trackers to obtain an accurate and up to date GPS location for your dog on the Tractive mobile app, ensuring they are found safely and as quickly as possible.

Customised Collars for Added Security

It's been a legal requirement for all dogs to have their owner's contact information on their collar since 1992. We take this one step further, and use specially made collars (in varying sizes) on our dogs with their walker's individual mobile number embroidered on them. In the event of your dog losing it's way, anyone who comes across them has a direct line to their walker, in addition to your contact information on the dog's collar. It goes without saying that we would keep you updated if anything like this were ever to happen with your dog.

Professionally Fitted Crates
red van
silver van

Your dog's health and safety is absolutely paramount to us so we have invested in a fleet of professionally fitted dog cages in our vehicles in order to ensure the safety, comfort and well being of all the dogs who travel with us. We also have air conditioning and fitted roof vents to aid air circulation.

A Direct Debit System

We think it's our job to make your life easier in whatever way we can, so we introduced a direct debit payment option which allows customers to pay their invoices each month without lifting a finger! We do also accept standard bank transfers but have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from customers who appreciate this time-saving and hassle free option.

Caring for Our Community

At Bramham Pooch Patrol we feel a strong connection to the communities we work within. For this reason we invested money in purchasing a new litter bin for Heygate Lane in Bramham, a popular dog walking route. We sponsor this bin to provide an easy way to dispose of dog waste whilst you're walking your dog in Bramham.

our bin.jpg

We have also sponsored a cherry tree at the Stables Lane community project in Boston Spa. We fully support this project and are passionate about preserving green spaces for the community to use.

Working with Bramham Parish Council, we are funding the provision of poo bags in four poo bag dispensers in Bramham village. These will help those people who are caught without a bag whilst out walking their pooch! A map of the locations of the dispensers is below:

Map of poo bag dispensers.png
Poo bag dispenser.jpg
our tree.jpg
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