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Why choose Bramham Pooch Patrol?

Wetherby's lead-ing dog walkers
There are dozens of dog walkers out there - why choose us? We've created a page explaining the many ways we go the extra mile, but read on to find out the reasons over 100 pet owners choose us above the rest:

1. We love your dogs
First and foremost - we are doggy people, and naturally we form strong bonds with the dogs we spend our days with. Our priority is making sure your dog is happy and healthy - just like you. We get to know your dog's likes and dislikes which helps us to ensure their walk is as enjoyable as possible. We consider ourselves privileged to be a part of your dog's daily life - whether that means we're watching your puppy grow up and learn about the world, or helping your dog adjust to getting older. We will always go above and beyond to care for them.

2. We are an award-winning team

We don't usually like to blow our own trumpet, but 2017 and 2018 have been two pretty special years for the business! We were voted Independent Business of the Year at the 2017 Yorkshire Choice Awards, and then in 2018 the team was Highly Commended in the Customer Service category of the Harrogate Business Awards. All this fuss meant that the Wetherby News/Harrogate Advertiser newspapers wanted to write about us, and we had a full page spread in their 'Winning Teams' feature! We've also been chosen as one of Leed's top three dog walkers by independent site ThreeBestRated. Not bad for a dog walking business, eh? To read all about our accolades, click HERE!

3. You can see what your dog has been up to on Facebook
We think our walks are pretty fun - which means we are more than happy to photograph the silly antics your dog gets up to whilst out walking with us! Bryony started the business based on what she would want from a dog walker, and high on this list was openness and transparency. We love sharing updates and photos with you so you can see exactly where your dog has been, who they've been with and what they've got up to!

4. We only walk small groups of well suited dogs together
We believe dogs get the best out of a walk when they are with dogs they know and see regularly, in small manageable groups. This means we group dogs together by their temperament and take groups of four or five out at a time (occasionally six if we are sure they will behave!) Some of the walks we do have dogs who have known each other for years - so we know they will get along and enjoy themselves! You will find yourself getting to know the names of the dogs who accompany your dog on his or her walk, and you'll put faces to names by looking at the photos we post on Facebook. We love the bonds our dogs form with one another and believe the way we do things is the best way to preserve these friendships, and also minimise the risk of incidents occurring on walks.

5. We like to talk to you
Unless you'd prefer us not to, we usually sent text messages to our customers after we've finished a walk. This means you don't have to worry about your dog all day while you're at work - you receive a text and know your dog has been for a fun-filled walk with his or her buddies and will be snoozing waiting for you at home! We've found sending texts reassures our customers and gives them peace of mind about their dog's wellbeing. It's also a great way to keep an open dialogue with you about your dog, making  it easier to share information and observations if there are health problems or other issues to keep an eye on.

6. We don't charge retainer fees

Other dog walkers may require you to pay a fee (usually at least 50%) to reserve your dog's place on a walk whilst you're on holiday. We don't do this - you pay us to walk your dog, so we only charge when your dog gets a walk!

A collage of all our beloved pooches

Keeping our customers and their dogs happy is our priority, so each summer we do a satisfaction survey of our customers.

In 2015 and 2016 we were delighted to find that 100% of our customers were satisfied by our service, commenting:

"You are always reliable and accommodating when things crop up. Our dog loves to go on walks with any of the team and I trust them completely with her."

"You always go the extra mile - literally fantastic customer service. 5 stars!"

"Reliable, flexible, always happy to help. Recommend unconditionally."

"Great team, very well organised and very reliable. My dog loves her walks."

"I'm delighted with the service and the flexibility you offer. Thank you for everything."

"Couldn't be happier with the care our dog receives from you. He's happy so we're happy!"

"Keep doing what you do because it's a fantastic service and you are all so lovely. Big thanks from all of us."

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